16 Advanced Pokemon GO Tips Players Ought To Know

Pokemon GO has been released in Singapore for near to two months. Here is the list of advanced Pokemon GO tips you ought to know.

1. To get the most Pokestops out of bus commute by avoiding routes that have highway

2. To skip hatch animation by double tapping the “Oh?” with your two fingers

3. To dismisses “transfer succeeded” by tapping on the banner on top.

4. To bring up Pokemon screen during gym by swiping up.

5. To heal multiple Pokemon at once by tapping at multiple Pokemon with your fingers on heal/revive screens, so you don’t have to heal them individually.

6. To get the trainer’s view align with your phone facing by tapping on the compass twice

7. To quick scroll your Pokemon list by shifting the slider at the screenside(invisible) down

8. To minimise the number of clicks to get to Pokemon, Shop, Items and Pokedex screen. You can press and hold the pokeball menu button and drag to release on whatever menu you want to open.

9. To quickly flip your individual Pokemon stats screen by tapping at the right or left side-screen to navigate to the previous or next Pokemon.

10. To easy zoom in and out of your map screen. Double tap anywhere on the map, hold it and shift up to zoom out and down to zoom in.

11. To revert back your Pokemon name by deleting a Pokemon’s name and press “OK” and it will revert back.

12. To get to the 3rd message straight on appraisal by tapping it with 3 fingers on the screen

13. To save time on collecting items on Pokestops by spinning the Pokestops and hit exit. You will collect all items.

14. To revive your Pokemon if you run out of revive by evolving it you help unconscious Pokemon back with 1 HP

15. Every evolution gains you 1 candy of the Pokemon

16. To see the Pokemon caught within the last 24 hours, head over to the Pokemon list screen and those that have blue haze around the Pokemon are the one.