31 Bugs In Pokemon GO With Quick Fixes / Workarounds But 1 May Get You Banned

It is known that Pokemon GO is not a perfect game by any means, there are still plenty of bugs awaited to be fixed by Niantic developers. Meanwhile, some bugs can be easily avoided, if not, fixed temporary by using the below listed turnarounds.

​All credit goes to Redditor bliznitch for putting up this table.

Do watch out with the "may get you banned" workarounds as you certainly don't want to break the law of Pokemon GO and get banned!​

1Gym ERRORGPS DriftTurn off GPS after selecting attacker but before starting battle (may get you banned), use a GPS locker (this may get you banned, thx/u/zeratoz), use "Device Only" or "GPS Only" on Android devices. (thx/u/zeratoz)
2Gym ERRORPokémon placed in a lower slot while battlingWait until all empty slots filled before battling
3Gym ERRORPokémon removed from lower slot while battlingNo good workaround. Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym if you error. Interacting with gym again could restart clock on gym error ban
4Gym ERRORNetwork connectivityNo good workaround. Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym if you error. Interacting with gym again could restart clock on gym error ban
5Gym ERROR (thx/u/iamfrankfrank)Pokémon dies during a group battle or you run or disconnect during a group battle fightNo good workaround. Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym if you error. Interacting with gym again could restart clock on gym error ban
6Gym ERROR (the/u/zzmmrmn)Specific gyms will create a gym error if you try to battle itNo good workaround, need to restart Pokémon Go and/or clear Pokémon Go cache to remove softban. (thx /u/JamesBroER)
7Gym battle Insta-deathJoin a battle after another player has initiated the battleStart battle with "sacrificial" Pokémon, then switch to fighter
8Gym battle "fake" damageSuccessfully dodge an attack but get hit with full damage temporarilyNo good workaround, sometimes may cause a Gym ERROR for 10 min (thx /u/gakushan)
9Gym battle "invisible" Pokémon (thx/u/StellaRose2)Receive Gym battle "fake" damage and have your Pokémon HP restoredKeep playing like normal. The Pokémon is still there, but it's invisible and can't be switched out. If you try, you will create a Gym ERROR
10Gym battle charge move animation or text box does not showCan sometimes occur when enemy uses 2 charge moves in a rowNo good workaround
11Prestige enemy gymWhile you prestige a gym, the enemy takes it down and adds their Pokémon, and you end up prestiging their gymNo good workaround
12Invisible Pokémon spawnGame not properly loading spriteDownload all game sprites by scrolling through Pokédex
13Pokémon disappears while selecting (thx/u/Kasuha)UnknownNo good workaround
14Log in errorUnknownNo good workaround
15Audio cutting outAnother app (e.g. Whatsapp) plays a sound over Pokémon GoSet dnd on your phone (thx /u/FireLucid), restart app if it occurs
16First Pokéball flies into spaceSometimes occurs when throwing a Pokéball during a Pokémon animation (e.g. jumping, attacking Pokéball, etc.)Wait until first animation completes before throwing Pokéball. (thx/u/Sever4ever, /u/bubba4114)
17Loss of too many items when throwing away (thx /u/ohbearly)Throw away items, see no change in inventory, throw away items again, see too many items thrown away in inventoryIf you throw away items and don't see a change in inventory, close and restart the app. Or only throw away items when connection is good.
18Pokémon Go completely unresponsive (thx/u/ohbearly)If you send too many inputs in a row, like rapid taps when healing a PokémonPatiently wait for a response to last input before sending a subsequent input. Close and restart app when it becomes unresponsive.
19Pokémon Go UI unresponsive (thx/u/mrflarp)UnknownClose and restart app
20Pokéstop has label "Try again later" (thx/u/kjhf1273)Spin Pokéstop and exit spinning screen before the Pokéstop changes colorPokéstop was successfully spun and items are in your inventory. To get Pokéstop to turn purple, stop the app and restart.
21Pokéstop has label "THIS POKESTOP IS TOO FAR AWAY" when in range (thx/u/kjhf1273)UnknownIgnore message and spin Pokéstop as normal.
22Distance not tracking correctly for eggs or buddyUnknownTravel in straight lines only (impractical for most)
23Selecting Pokémon causes it to disappear with "Error" messagePokémon has despawned but still shows up on your screenNo good workaround
24Pokémon randomly appear and disappear (different from spawning and despawning)UnknownNo good workaround
25Selecting a Pokémon provides "This Pokémon is too far away" (thx/u/saggyfire)UnknownNot a problem. Select Pokémon like normal and catch.
26"No connection" message while catching Pokémon (thx/u/foxtrot709)Connection to Niantic servers is interruptedOn iOS (may work on Android, needs testing), minimize application and wait until internet connection is stable (could be on client side or server side), return to application and resume catching Pokémon. VERY important if you're catching a rare and Pokémon already despawned.
27Pokédex button brings up tips instead of Pokédex (thx/u/Saint_Hacker)Use a device, such as an iPad, that is not optimized for the Pokémon Go UI sizeHit bottom half of Pokédex button
28White screen freezes (thx /u/yuvi3000)Sometimes caused by a glitched 3D sprite, but can occur even without glitched 3D sprite.No good workaround. Restart app and try not to select that triggering sprite until glitch is fixed
29Unresponsive UI (e.g. Pokéstop says "try again later," no Sightings, glitched gym UI) (thx /u/sovietfunk)UnknownRestart app or sometimes will fix itself after connection to Niantic server restores itself after waiting for white ball of death to stop spinning
30Distance to Pokéstops, and possibly Pokémon, not calculating correctly (thx /u/djfoo000)Occurs close to the equator, Niantic math is wrongNo good workaround. Run around Pokéstop or Pokémon spawn area until interaction can occur.
31Error when transferring Pokémon (thx/u/lordbtm)UnknownRestart app to confirm whether or not Pokémon was transferred