5 Hidden Updates Niantic Never Told You On Latest Patch 0.39.0

Niantic are very good at playing two games with their players: 

1. The waiting game

2. The guessing game

Here are what the guessing game is about:

What Niantic Said

  • Capture location: The location where a Pokémon was caught will now be displayed on their information screen.
  • Pokémon GO Plus and Incense: Trainers can attempt to capture Pokémon they encounter from using Incense with the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.
  • Minor bug fixes

Beside the first two points, here are what it actually happened:

  • ​Pokemon Attack IV no longer scales with Pokedex Number. (source)
  • Nest Pokemon no longer have their IV handicapped. (source)
  • Gym code streamlined, combat should now feel much more responsive.
  • Power up sorting bug fixed. (source)
  • There is now an attack buffer, your next attack command is automatically queued. (source)

1. Unhelpful Capture Location 


The location update works poorly in Singapore. It supposed to show area / region / country. But it turned out? Singapore / Singapore / Singapore, alright maybe not all are bad. At least the one that I have is: Woodland / Singapore / Singapore. 

There are much speculations about the real reason for such update. Players believe it is to identify spoofers, whereas Niantic thinks that it is a good to know information.

Nonetheless, is a ticking time bomb for spoofer waiting to be banned. A friend of mine who is a botter now have majority of his Pokemon location showing: Washington DC, Hong Kong and etc. :)

2. Pokemon Attack IV no longer scales with Pokedex Number

Before the update, it was near impossible to get high attack IV on low Pokedex numbered Pokemon in the wild i.e Bulbasaur, Pidgeot and etc and much easier to get high attack IV of Pokemon that have high Pokedex ranking i.e Dragonite, Snorlax and etc.. The charts before and after of the correlation of Pokedex ranking and attack IV.

3. No more low IV on nest Pokemon

Prior to the update, nest Pokemon that are caught in nest spawn tend to have very low IV on average. But as reported by TheSilphRoad it is no longer the case. Nest Pokemon now have equal chance of getting high IV same as habitat spawn Pokemon.

The Silph Research was just barely re-organized, but we’re already able to publish our first finding: confirming the re-balanced spawn mechanics.

We want to give a huge thank you to our tireless Researchers who gathered this dataset after 8:30pm EDT last night – many having to put pants back on and head to their local nests to confirm.

The goal of the Silph Research group is to provide a more thorough, careful look at mechanics to elevate the community’s understanding and peer review myths, assumptions, and theories. We currently have about half a dozen other projects we’ll be publishing on soon. 🙂

As always, there’s great things to come on the Road, travelers!


4. Power Up sorting bug fixed

I’d power up my Pokemon while they were sorted by CP it would kick me out of the Pokemon that was being powered if it moved in the sort order. Now it doesn’t!


First posted by a Redditor for spotted the fix and the rest of commentator confirmed it.

5. Next command of attack is automatically queued 

If you tap (or input any other command, such as dodge or charge attack) while your pokemon is mid animation, this command will be executed as soon as the pokemon ends its current attack.

The input buffer seems to be command based (one move ahead), not time based. This means that if you use Hyper Beam and immediatly tap after that, your pokemon will do a quick attack as soon as he can after the Hyper Beam even if you input the move 4 seconds ago.

No more tap mashing or missed charge attack inputs!

KingKooooZ reported that overriding the command is not possible, so you should be extra careful when tapping the screen to avoid unwanted attacks.

EDIT2: Hey, i just tested this a little more today with my venasaur with razor leaf and i WAS ABLE to override the buffered command. I tested by double tapping (making him attack and buffering a second attack) and then immediatly swiping. He dodged after the first attack, every time.


One Redditor noted to experience massive increase in attack speed after the update. I have not tested out this myself, so I can't confirm it.


Thanks Niantic for all the hard work and created such a wonderful game that bonds people together. But we do hope that you can let us know more next time. 

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