Oh well… he is cute, he is big, he is lazy, he just wants to sleep and his size is blocking your path to the gym. If you don’t have a flute, you can forget about waking him up. Now you know why you learned to play recorder during secondary school days.

He is a combination of Pig + Bear. That’s right. He is Snorlax!

His cuteness is irresistible that whenever someone posted the imagine of a 10 KG life-sized Snorlax plushie blocking the stairs. People gone crazy about it.

Same as I, I’m equally curious about where to get one. After doing a little research here are what I found:

#1 Carousell


Price: $400


There are a few sellers on Carousell are selling it with different price. Do check the size to make sure it is a life-sized Snorlax and not the small one.

#2. Qoo10


Price: $525.95


Same as Carousell, there are a few sellers with different price point. Do check proper by messaging the sellers before ordering it.

#3 Rectatech


Price: $496.99


This is my first time seeing this online store. It’s worth checking it out!

#4 Aliexpress


Price: US $279.00 ($380.46)


It seems to be the cheapest when I converted into Singapore dollar. But I have not factored in shipping cost.

#5 Shopee


Price: $250.00


Don’t get over excited just because it is cost $250. And although it indicates 1.5 meter, it looks a bit difference don’t you think so?


If yourself or anyone you know have bought the life-sized Snorlax plushie, do let’s know below the price and store you bought from as that’ll be super helpful to readers and fans!