All Singapore Poke Radars Are Dead Except GO Radar (But Don’t Get Happy Too Fast)


Over the past few days, Niantic has installed Captcha to prevent 3rd party program from extracting sever-side information which was infamously blamed by Niantic for causing release delay and game lag .

Just when many Radar Apps and Bots’ programmers thought they had it all figured out. Niantic slapped them with a new API – causing world wide 3rd party Apps down. That includes popular spawn trackers SGPokemap, Pokemesh, PokeAlert and GO Scan:


(As of 9 Oct 12:36 Pm)

While some radars are still working fine, namely,  popular IOS App GO Radar but many users have complained on the frequent false spawn signals it send out. Some users expressed that they would rather play the game without the map than getting frustrated in the end when they got cheated.

We wrote about GO Radar ghost spawn issue over here, and would like to remind players to be mindful when using the Apps.


Take note that some less popular Radar Apps may seem to be running well. But many of which weren’t used by players in the first place before Niantic new API hit. As those were perceived to have lower reliability. But as of current situation, they seem to be the only few options available.

A cautionary statement from

As of this writing (08 October 2016), there are no working Pokemon GO trackers that we are know of.

An honest note from the Pokemon GO Hub team: Be very careful these days, as a number of maps are serving fake data to hide the fact that they’re not working anymore. Use only throw away PTC accounts for testing the trackers, Niantic is dishing out bans like crazy.