Catch Pokemon on Electric Unicycle! – Pokémon Go – Pro tip 7


Here’s – Pokémon Go – Pro tip 7 on how to catch Pokemon more efficiently and potentially filming it as well by using electric unicycle.

If you catch my other channel on electric unicycle, you will know that electric unicycle is a safe & fun way to ride around handsfree and able to carry groceries as well up to 120kg.

Now that the Pokémon Go is about to launch in Singapore, it’s prime time to pick up a new way to catch Pokemon by getting this electric unicycle.

However, it will take a few weeks & proper guidance to learn how to ride it but once you learnt the skill you will never forget it just like learning how to ride a bicycle.

Here’s where I got the electric unicycle, and it’s pretty awesome.

Always remember to ride safe and never take your eyes off the path while you ride, when in doubt…slow down & stop with one leg down.

Enjoy and have fun catching Pokemons!! 😀