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14 Incredible Pokemon GO Halloween Costumes

Thanks Niantic for the awesome Halloween special. Here are some of the most best Halloween costumes we found over the week! #1 – Pokemon Go halloween costume! #2 – Whaaaaaaaaat?! #3 – I’m Ready for Halloween! #4 – Pokestop #5 – I too, am ready for Halloween; as is my Gastly. #6 – This is my PokemonGO […]

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If You Are A Big Pokemon Fan, Pokémon Research Exhibition (Singapore) Might Disappoint You

Pokémon Research Exhibition is finally opened to public, if you are a big fan of Pokemon and expect to step into the world and life of Pokemon in this exhibition.You might be preparing yourself for a big disappointment. One player, visited the exhibition this morning, shared her experience on Pokemon GO Singapore Facebook group — the […]

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PokeNatomy – 22 Frightening Pictures That Detail The Inside Of Pokemon

Pokemon are cute little species we all love.However, illustrator Christopher Stoll, offers us a different glimpse to the life of Pokemon. His pictures are incredible, showing off the inside and outside of their parts and organs with great detail and explanation. However, some images can be disturbing and it is better not to be known, for example Pikachu […]

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