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The Sixth Great Migration

The Sixth Great Migration: The Consolidated Nests List In Singapore (4/Nov)

Hey lady and gentlemen, it’s me again! Aron Lim is here to announce the SIXTH migration occurred this morning (3/Nov)!Players around the globe from Reddit to Facebook are ​observing huge nests shift and sharing the latest nest’s locations, and well, of course, it is my job to consolidate the information for you!But before that, two things to note: […]

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Field Report: 30 Charmander in 3 Hours At MacRitchie

EDIT: The below information is no longer valid after the sixth migration. Please refer to this page for the latest nest list. After since the previous security patch update which shut down almost the entire 3rd party trackers. Players morale has been all time low and it was hard to see players posting any field report during this […]

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SGPokeMap Latest Update ‘…when that’s out we’ll bring sgpokemap back’

Right now players may try this list of Trackers to scan for Pokemon and if you may like to check out the nest list is over here. Our local Tracker, SGPokeMap updated on its twitter this morning: 1. Reverse engineer team has found a way to make API call, but it’s not legal to distribute. 2. […]

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The Fifth Great Migration: Consolidated Nest In Singapore (20/Oct)

EDIT #1: The information below is no longer valid, please refer to this page for latest nest information.EDIT: API has cracked, FastPokeMap is able to pull data from Niantic to display Pokemon spawn but due to heavy users and data scrapping from other Tracker Apps, FastPokeMap had been unstable and was disabled a few days […]

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The Fourth Great Migration: 86 Nest Spawn Locations In Singapore (11/Oct)

11 Nov: The below list is no longer valid, please refer to this page.20 Oct: Nest migration has hit, the below is not relevant any more.11 Oct: I’ve checked in r/Pokemongo_singapore and Pokemon GO Singapore FB group, there is no new nest found except Magnemite which has added to the list.8 Oct: 39 new nests added […]

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Pokemon GO Malaysia Nest Spawn Locations (The Fourth Migration)

This is the latest Malaysia nest locations that I put together. The source comes from TheSliphRoad and Pokemon GO Malaysia Facebook Group, apologise if the list is small as I don’t have much data source. So I need your help to comment below if you spot a nest in your area and I’ll be happy to […]

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84 Pokemon GO Nests In Singapore (+2 Massive Spawn Updates)

11 / Nov: The below information is not valid anymore, please refer to this page for Singapore nest list.11 / oct: refer to this post for the latest spawn. 1 Oct: The below should be the most completed Pokemon GO Singapore nest list as of 1 Oct 2016. Thanks to Jowen Lim, test1ngreddit and SphexZero for putting the data together so that […]

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Is GO Radar Less Reliable Now? And Your Next Best Alternative Based On Poll Result

We are increasingly seeing reports from players that GO Radar come out false spawn signal over the past 2 – 3 weeks. Myself, personally, had a disappointing encounter just a few week back. Hunting at my regular spot in Woodland Waterfront at night,  Larpas suddenly showed up on GO Radar Apps located at the end of […]

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Got A Lapras? Why Not Try These 6 Spots In Singapore

In the previous post, thanks to Redditor thrwaypkmn we learned the 5 areas that shows to have high spawning rate of Dragonite. And also thanks to the players who attested on Facebook leading to higher credibility on those areas. Yesterday, he published a Lapras version of the analysis. Before we jump to the areas, please note those […]

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Increase Your Chance Of Encountering Dragonite In These 5 Areas Of Singapore

Try These 9 High Probability Dragonite Spawn Areas In Singapore

Thanks to Redditor thrwaypkmn who conducted an analysis with a follow up post in Reddit. We now know which parts of Singapore have a higher chance of encountering Dragonite. Before you get too excited about it, do note that high chance does not mean guarantee. Hence, there is a possibility you might not see it when you get […]

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