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SGPokeMap Latest Update ‘…when that’s out we’ll bring sgpokemap back’

Right now players may try this list of Trackers to scan for Pokemon and if you may like to check out the nest list is over here. Our local Tracker, SGPokeMap updated on its twitter this morning: 1. Reverse engineer team has found a way to make API call, but it’s not legal to distribute. 2. […]

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Is GO Radar Less Reliable Now? And Your Next Best Alternative Based On Poll Result

We are increasingly seeing reports from players that GO Radar come out false spawn signal over the past 2 – 3 weeks. Myself, personally, had a disappointing encounter just a few week back. Hunting at my regular spot in Woodland Waterfront at night,  Larpas suddenly showed up on GO Radar Apps located at the end of […]

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