Charmander Nest at ECP (East Coast Park Zone G) Singapore 29 Sep 2016 – Pokémon GO


Previously Charmander’s nest were in location like golf course & high rise office buildings which are pretty hard to catch in Singapore before the nest migration.

Now the latest Charmander nest had moved to East Coast Park Zone G, it’s still relatively hard to go but not as hard compared to previous location.

I recommend using website or app to find how to reach there from Tanah Merah MRT Station via bus 14 & 45 then walk or kick scoot a distance to the underpass to reach ECP Zone G.

East Coast Park is relatively sparse in Pokestops hence please stock up your poke balls and berries before going there.

If you are going there at mid-afternoon, make sure you have enough water, sun tan lotion & a cap