Singapore Pokemon GO Catch Rates Chart

How Does This Chart Help You?

By looking at the Pokemon species and the ring color, it helps you in deciding whether is it worth the cost of using a razzberry and/or better Pokeball to increase your catch rates. And how much do factors like throw rating and curve throw affects your capture rates.

How Do I Use This Chart?

1. The color of the ring will indicate your percentage of catching a Pokemon, and it's the most important of all. The remaining charts and variables are simply what made up of it. For example, you will see a noticeable difference (getting greener) when you use a Razzberry and change Poke Ball to Ultra Ball - that shows the increase of your capture rate.

2. Pokemon Species & Level chart shows you the base capture rates of the species. From the highest (100%) to the lowest (21%) based on Pokemon species and level. If it's 100% it means you can guarantee it is a catch when the target is hit.

3. Poke Ball chart shows you the difference in effectiveness among Poke Ball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball. 

4. Other factors that will increase your capture rate.

#1 Ring Color Bar

#2 Pokemon Species & Level 

#3 PokeBall Type

Ball TypeBall Factor
Poke Ball1
Great Ball1.5
Ultra Ball2


The effectiveness to the capture rate on Great Ball is 1.5x of Poke Ball and Ultra Ball 2x of Poke Ball. Note that it is not a straightforward multiplier but an exponential multiplier. (learn more)

#4 Other Bonus Factors (Highest to Lowest)

Excellent Throwx1.5
Great Throwx1.3
Curve Ballx1.2
Nice Throwx1.1


The highest capture rate combination: [Razzberry] + [Excellent Throw] + [Curve Throw]

According to Youtuber Trainer Tips and my own experience, hitting the target at the smallest ring increases capture rate even when it falls outside of the ring (without excellent rating).