Do You See Sponsored Pokestops In Singapore Yet?

Players from TheSilphRoad reported seeing Pokestops with sponsored tag at the top right corner of the Pokestop name tag. The picture shows a Pokemon Center vending machine, apparently trying to bring Pokemon GO players to the machine for the sales of trading cards, plushies, pins, etc.

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This has not been seen before except in Jap where every McDonalds are gyms and sponsored Pokestops are commonly seen on the streets. In fact,  the sponsored Pokestops in Jap was infamously known for the delay of its Pokemon GO releases.

“Was recently in Tokyo, every McDonalds I saw was a gym (not stops, therefore no lures). So I guess the appeal is more for gym conquest while you’re there?” – source

“They’ve been showing as Sponsored in Japan for a while. McDonalds was first, and I know SoftBank was also added in. I noticed that in Ingress there was a portal at my local SoftBank, but it wasn’t a stop/gym in Go until quite a while later, I assume because they had to renegotiate the contract.” – source

Now sponsored Pokestops seem to reach across the world with U.S players reporting seeing sight of it. But it seems that it has not arrived in Singapore yet as we do not see anyone posting on Facebook group.

According to PokemonGOHub, sponsored Pokestop do not seem to offer anything special even thought there are some speculation about better drop rate on rare items.

“There is no word if any of these Pokestops are special in any way, besides being sponsored. Some players have speculated that sponsored Pokestops have an increased chance to drop rare items such as Ultra Balls and lure rare Pokemon. However, there is no hard evidence to support any of these claims.”

With sponsored Pokestops means businesses can more effectively increase their sales in foods and beverages by sponsoring nearby landmark or even their shop as Pokestops to attract players. To Niantic, it is a good monetization strategy to bring in more revenue to reinvest in the game content.

For players like us we would certainly welcome more Pokestops, especially in areas where we have so little in our housing area, school and workplace which will make it more interesting and accessible. Interested shop owners who wish to sponsor a Pokestop would have to wait for Niantic for further Pokestop submission information.


Tell us below if you see any sponsored Pokestops or Gym in Singapore.