Is GO Radar Less Reliable Now? And Your Next Best Alternative Based On Poll Result

We are increasingly seeing reports from players that GO Radar come out false spawn signal over the past 2 – 3 weeks. Myself, personally, had a disappointing encounter just a few week back.

Hunting at my regular spot in Woodland Waterfront at night,  Larpas suddenly showed up on GO Radar Apps located at the end of the park, near the causeway road.  It was roughly 1.5 KM distance away from my position.


Staring at the timer gave me hope that I might get there in time if I ran, so I did. Many players were walking really quickly to get to the spot. Cars were busy heading toward the checkpoint.

After a long ran, I finally got there.

Turned out? The spawn was fake.





The place was packed with people and the road was jammed with cars which got so bad that it invited traffic polices to issue fines.

While walking back, I heard players complaining that it was a prank as players were able to submit false data to the Apps. But apparently it wasn’t true as the Apps is not based on users-submission as such function does not exist.

Here are some complaint over the weeks:

Why would there be duplicate appearing of rare Pokemon on the go radar? So misleading! This morning was misled by a dragonite at amk west garden, rushed down and was told it has appeared earlier and this notification on the go radar was fake.

False alarm. Don’t bother. Go Radar fake bug.

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Yesterday and today y at tamp go radar haf snorlex. But when go there boh ? Ali baba people!

Go Radar has been sending me on wild goose chases since about a couple of weeks ago. Pretty sure the 30 over people who tried to chase down a Snorlax were using Go Radar too. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Anyone can fill a fellow trainer in on why this is happening? Also any good alternatives to suggest?


Worst… bogus sighting:

Spotted Mewtwo near Tampines Ave 1.

No automatic alt text available.

There are more bogus sighting than one I show above as I remembered seeing a number of them reported in Facebook group but I didn’t manage to find it now.

What I learned is that, it isn’t a prank but a bug whereby the first spawn is real. And somehow after it despawned. Minutes later a phantom spawn would show up on the radar in the exact spot with the same IV and CP.

What is frustrating to players is that we can’t tell whether is it a first spawn or phantom spawn beside being the one that shows up for the initial spawn. However, this does not explain Mewtwo’s appearance.

If this bug is not resolved quickly, I’m afraid GO Radar is going to lose many users in no time. After all, no one likes being disappointed after a surge of excitement as that feels like someone who just take away the gift he gave you a minute ago 🙁

It sucks.

Your Next Radar Alternative

A few week back I ran a poll in our forum and reddit titled What Pokemon GO Radar Web/ Apps Are You Using?

Here’s the result:


Clearly, your best alternative goes to web Apps


Right now has the highest accuracy based on the information I gathered on Forums, Facebook group and Reddit. However, on the flip side, the Apps does not calculate the distance between your position and spawn spot like GO Radar. That should be less important if you are seasoned player.