Got A Lapras? Why Not Try These 6 Spots In Singapore

In the previous post, thanks to Redditor thrwaypkmn we learned the 5 areas that shows to have high spawning rate of Dragonite. And also thanks to the players who attested on Facebook leading to higher credibility on those areas.

Yesterday, he published a Lapras version of the analysis. Before we jump to the areas, please note those are areas that shows to have high chance of spawn, and high chance does not mean guarantee. Hence, there is a possibility you might not see it when you are there.

The coordinates were pulled from @EpicSGPokemon from 13 Aug to 18 Sept. 
Southern Islands (aka Sentosa) lapras spawn

Southern Islands (aka Sentosa): Spawns mostly spread along the waters by Siloso Beach, Sentosa Cove, Resorts World Sentosa and the Palawan Islands.

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