Have Rare Spawn Rates Really Increased In Singapore After Latest Update?

So far nests did not migrate as what we had anticipated on last Friday, 23 days since their previous shift assuming Niantic followed the trend of previous two nest migrations. 

But there seems to have an increasing reports from players who have observed higher rare spawn rates in their regular hunting ground over the past few days.

When it first came to me in a Singapore Pokemon GO Facebook group a few day back, I did not pay much attention to it as I thought it might just be an one-off.

But not until today's article from that caught my attention. It mentioned a Reddit thread with some players reporting increased rare spawn rates and new nests occurring in their local areas. Thinking back now I remembered reading players reporting higher rare spawns with decreased catch rate.

​Here are the comments from Reddit TheSilphRoad's thread:

“Pictured: none of these Pokémon (except for Weedle, of course) spawned with any degree of frequency nearby. All of the sudden, spawn rates have skyrocketed nearby – the best I’ve ever seen is a single ivysaur that didn’t even spawn at a nest, but now there are always Tauroses and Pinsirs, as well as the occasional very rare mon, as pictured.” – source
“I have noticed this as well. A couple houses down from me is a cluster spawn, usually pidgey, weedle, and rattata. Occasionally I would get a Tauros and the rarest I have gotten was Magmar. Just today Kabuto and Cubone started spawning at this point frequently and have never been anywhere in my area before. Could be coincidence, but I was also pondering the idea that they increased the likelihood of these spawns.” – source

I managed to dig out some posts from Facebook group:

Since last update 1) Pokemon tends to deflect Pokeballs more often?2) more rare Pokemon spawning? (I caught my first and second snorlax in the same week)3) Pokemon has a higher chance of escaping after break-free. Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?​ -- source 
With the increased spawn rates for Snorlax, do you still consider them as rare pokemons ?I think the rare ones are Muk and Golem. -- source
Hi Guys, I noticed there is generally an increase in rare spawns such as Chansey/Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan. I spotted lapras spawning in new locations too, one in Tanah Merah and the other in Woodlands Ave 10. -- source 

A few points:

  • Rare spawns like Snorlax and Lapras (MBS & WWFront) have increased quite a bit.
  • Catch rate seems to be dropping and higher deflecting rate
  • News nests don't see to happen in Singapore.

Let's know your experience with the recent spawn changes below!