How Battling Works in Pokemon GO – Research from The Silph Road

2 quick errata in this Video worth noting!:
#1 – Water has ‘normal’ effectiveness against electric (but is weak towards: itself, grass, and dragon type!). lol
#2 – The metric we called Stamina should be more accurately named ‘Energy’ – (‘Stamina’ is actually the name for ‘Hit Points’!)
The Silph Road Research team returns with a new analysis! We’ve broken down fast-paced BATTLING in Pokemon GO to help you strategize with the best of them!

You can find our base attack/defense table here:

As always, the Silph Research group is still working on a ton of research projects about Pokemon GO – so more awesome results are coming soon. Stay tuned and subscribe for our next research update here on this channel!

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Huge thanks and shout-out to the Silph Research group for the hundreds of man-hours spent collecting and analyzing this dataset!