Jimmie Pitts From Buffalo, NY Might Just Be 1 Day Away level 40!

In my our previous post, we shared about the 9 things we’ve learnt from Jimmie’s interview. He was level 39 then (last Sunday 25 / Sep), very likely to be the first Pokemon GO player to hit such a remarkable height with pure grind.

Just 19 hours ago, he reported in Facebook that in 2 days time with 672k XP more he will be the first player to hit level 40.

No one knows what he made of as 672K XP in two days means 300K XP per day! If you are getting 15,000 XP per hour (doable with Lucky Eggs), to hit 300 XP means 20 hours of ungodly grind!


Here are some of things he said on the interview:

Do you have a special tactic for exp gain? How long do you play per day?

No, nothing special, but I was the first person in my area to focus on maximizing experience from capturing. I popularized the tactic in Buffalo that focuses on getting Great shot with a Curve ball. It’s the most consistent shot bonus you can get, getting excellent rating was too hard and inconsistent to be viable.

Honestly, I just put in a lot of hours and focus. I could probably level faster by walking and hatching eggs, but I have very weak feet and can’t walk for long periods at all.


I minimized my sleep schedule to 4 hours a night max. I work from 08:00 – 11:00 AM everyday, grind from 12:00 – 19:00 PM, then go back to work 19:30 – 22:00, and then back to grinding again from 22:30 – 04:00. I shoot for 10 hours per work day, and 15 hours per day on weekends.”


Well, I have been a hardcore video game player my whole life, grew up playing every video game under the sun. I noticed years back, when I used to play MapleStory, a MMO RPG, that I was particularly good at leveling up quickly and not getting bored with the grind. So, when Pokemon GO came out and I realized that all you really need to do is level up, it was easy for me to do.


If you like to show your support, you may like to check out his Facebook post.