Jimmie Pitts Has Hit Level 40, Becoming The World’s Highest Level Pokemon GO Player


A big congratulation to Jimmie Pitts to be the first legitimate player to hit level 40, the highest level in Pokemon GO currently. Jimmie is a player from Buffalo, NewYork, and yesterday we posted that he would need 1 day more to achieve the remarkable feat – and he did it!.

He has updated in Buffalo Pokemon GO Facebook group with a screenshot and comment stating “I am the very best like no one ever was…”




He showed what many players would think is impossible, and with just 3 months of gameplay he beat the system becoming the king of grind!

We wonder what Niantic has installed for him next. But for Jimmie, in an interview he indicated that his local Pokemon GO community means a lot to him and he would love to continue the grind together with the community even when his level max out.

If you would like to read more about him, you can check out our previous post over here.