The Fourth Great Migration: 86 Nest Spawn Locations In Singapore (11/Oct)

11 Nov: The below list is no longer valid, please refer to this page.

20 Oct: Nest migration has hit, the below is not relevant any more.

11 Oct: I've checked in r/Pokemongo_singapore and Pokemon GO Singapore FB group, there is no new nest found except Magnemite which has added to the list.

8 Oct: 39 new nests added to the list.

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The previous nest migration was merely 9 days ago. It hit at the time where players thought the migration would not occur as it missed the supposed date trend of every 3 - 4 weeks.

Today, out of a surprise The Fourth Great Migration has occurred. Nests and spawn points all across the world have changed dramatically. Some players reported seeing crazy spawn numbers at certain spawn points. 

It seems that this time round there are no clear patterns to predict the substitution of Pokemon by looking at the Pokedex number. But thanks to r/PokemonGo_Singapore and local Facebook group, we have consolidated the reported nest location in this post. 

If there is any mistake or if you have spotted new nest locations. Feel free to drop your comment below and we'll be happy to update the list.

Singapore Nest Locations

(The Fourth Great Migration)

As usual, do check with first before heading down to avoid potential disappointment.

Abra nestLabrador Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Abra nestSiglap Park Connector (near Bedok Reservoir)FB group
Bulbasaur (M) nestUniversal StudioFB group
Charmander nestTampines Street 91 Garden Community ParkFB group
Charmander nestWinster Drive, Field behind Esso stationFB group
Clefairy nestEast Coast Park Zone Dr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Clefairy nestJapanese GardenFB group
Clefairy nestMapletree Business CityFB group
Clefairy nestMt Faberr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Clefairy nestPavillion Circle; Bukit Batok Roadr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Clefairy nestTanah Merah Country Clubr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Cubone nestMacritchie Reservoir Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Cubone nestWoodlands Waterfrontr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Diglett nestKallang Riverside Park Northr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Diglett nestYishun Green LK beside Northland Primary SchoolFB group
Drowzee nestSentosaFB group
Drowzee nestTuas SouthFB group
Electabuzz nestHougang Sport ComplexFB group
Electabuzz nestBishan Active Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Electabuzz nestJurong West Street 42 Field beside Blk 558FB group
Electabuzz nestKovan Road, Field beside ACMI Training CentreFB group
Electabuzz nestSiglap Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
ExeggcutePasir Ris Park East, near Downtown EastFB group
Gastly nestDuxton Plain Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Geodude nestNicoll Highwayr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Geodude nestSerangoon Community Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Growlite (M) nestKent Ridge ParkFB group
Growlite nestOne North ParkFB group
Growlithe nestKent Ridge ParkFB group
Growlithe nestMarina Barrage [to monitor]r/PokemonGo_Singapore
Jigglypuff nestJurong Central Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Jigglypuff nestPunggol Waterway ParkFB group
Jigglypuff nestSembawang Golf CourseFB group
Jynx nestParis Ris farmway 3 Lorong Halus WetlandFB group
Jynx nestTanjong Rhur/PokemonGo_Singapore
Jynx nestYew Tee Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Kabuto nestField beside Embassy of IsraelFB group
Kabuto nestNational Service Resort and Country Clubr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Kabuto nestHaw Par Villar/PokemonGo_Singapore
Machop nestJurong Country Clubr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Machop nestYishun Neighbourhood Park St 72r/PokemonGo_Singapore
Magmar nestField opposite Eunos Tenaga VilleFB group
Magmar nestField opposite Punggol Secondary SchoolFB group
Magmar nestLorong Ah Soo Maplewood ParkFB group
Magmar nestNovena Rise FieldFB group
Magmar nestTampines Ave 4 Maze GardenFB group
Magmar nestTampines park behind Tampines Secondary SchoolFB group
Magmar nestEast Coast Park Zone B & Fr/PokemonGo_Singapore
MagnemiteBukit Batok Nature Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Mankey nestField beside Kembangan MrtFB group
Mankey nestField beside Tan Tock Seng LinkFB group
Mankey nestField opposite Beauty World PlazaFB group
Meowth nestResorts World Sentosar/PokemonGo_Singapore
Oddish (M) nestBukit Timah Nature Reserve(Closed for upgrading)FB group
Oddish nestPasir Ris Park (west)r/PokemonGo_Singapore
Omantye nestEast Coast Park Zone CFB group
Omantye nestField beside Tan Quee Lan StreetFB group
Omantye nestSingapore Orchard Country Club near driving rangeFB group
Omanyte nestBedok reservoirr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Omanyte nestBedok Reservoir Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Omanyte nestEast Coast Park Zone Cr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Onix nestToa payoh town parkFB group
Onix nestBedok North Street 1 Bedok Adventure ParkFB group
Paras nestBotanic GardensFB group
Pikachu nestJurong Lake Park (inaccessible)r/PokemonGo_Singapore
Pikachu nestBukit Purmei Hillock ParkFB group
Pikachu nestField beside Buona Vista MrtFB group
Pikachu nestTanjong Rhu Promenader/PokemonGo_Singapore
Poliwag nestMount Faber ParkFB group
Ponyta nestHougang Centralr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Ponyta nestRochester Hillr/PokemonGo_Singapore
RhyhornFields around Woodlands Squarer/PokemonGo_Singapore
SandshrewWarren Golf and Country Clubr/PokemonGo_Singapore
SandshrewYishun Neighbourhood Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Sandshrew nestPark around Dhoby Ghaut MRTFB group
ScytherMarina Eastr/PokemonGo_Singapore
ScytherZheng Hua Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Scyther nestField behind Punggol Secondary SchoolFB group
Seel nestAng Mo Kio Town Garden Westr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Seel nestNature Park Driving ranger/PokemonGo_Singapore
ShellderTampines Eco Greenr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Squirtle nestBishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (east)r/PokemonGo_Singapore
Staryu nestPearl's Hill City ParkFB group
Vulpix nestEast Coast Park Zone AFB group
Vulpix nestMaplewoodsr/PokemonGo_Singapore
Vulpix nestKing Albert Parkr/PokemonGo_Singapore

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