Niantic’s Secuity Update Depress Radar Developers, But FastPokeMap Might Be Up In 2 Weeks.


Niantic recent security update has killed all of the third party programs. Right after the installation of Captcha as a first measure to stifle scanners and bots, a change in API quickly came along and successfully broken all real-time Pokemon GO maps, tracker, finder and bots.

This isn’t the first time Niantic changed its API, and the Dev community is no stranger to that. But what makes this round worrying is that, there is a strong lack of interest among the r/pokemongodev community in continuing their cracking effort.

FastPokeMap’s developers in twitters expressed that Niantic’s constant lock down has tired everyone, and developers are giving up. And no one is trying to reverse the 0.39 API.

One reason is the hype around Pokemon GO has slowed down and thus, the incentive of developers cracking the code would not be as rewarding as before.

This had been what Niantic wanted ever since the dawn of Pokemon GO – to let players truly experience the world of Pokemon, which naturally means third party software has to be stopped. Hence, Niantic needs to break the spirit of map developers and it seems to have done it well this time.

As players, we hope still hope to see tracker up and running as getting desired Pokemon has always been difficult even when we know their spawn location.

Not All Hope Are Lost

FastPokeMap had been working hard every day to reverse engineered the API since the roll up. It said in twitter “Doesn’t mean FPM is dead, just means it will take at least 2 weeks for it to come back MINIMUM. Can’t RE during week days.”

And he continued that if no one is helping him and end up reversing it by himself, he would not share the API.

His last update on giving big bounty reward in hiring people with reverse engineering experience:

Let’s hope FastPokeMap can successfully crack the code as the entire future of the tracking scene may depend on their success in reverse engineering the API.