Niantic’s Silent Update Stopped All Spawns At Driving Speed


As informed this morning, Niantic has quietly stopped displays and spawns of nearby Pokemon while driving and commuting on public transport.

A thread was created in /r/TheSilphRoad with players outraging against the change. Mainly for two reasons:

Firstly, players enjoyed catching Pokemon while on the way to school or work when taking public transport or driving. Now, after the change, driving speed is that above 40 KM / H would stop Pokemon from spawning and displaying. 🙁

Yes, noticed this late evening and early morning 10/14-10/15 before seeing this thread. Sightings goes away at speeds that give you popup of going to fast. If you come to a complete stop you get sightings back on the next ping (few seconds)

i noticed this today! i also had to force restart when driving at 10 mph to get them to show. also a pokemon had popped up next to me after an already force restart w/them on sightings too as i came to a stop sign but as soon as they showed while i was stopped at the sign the pokemon and sightings disappeared in an instant caushing me to force restart again

Ditto. I’ve had to force restart every few hours when at home and there’s nothing in the tracker even though there should be Pokemon at known spawn points round the clock. Interestingly, it’s not an issue at work. So I think it’s location dependent.

Secondly, it was Niantic repeatedly lack of communication that players are frustrated about the most. Even an one liner tweet in advance would have appreciated by players and also gave time for understanding and patient. But as Niantic as it has always been, they did nothing and would unlikely provide any explanation on this issue. Their previous 5 hidden update is a good example of their way of non-communication.

Just another nail in the coffin. My kids play everyday in the back seat. Now nothing spawns. There go two players real soon. And they spend money. Winters coming and I can only take them out maybe once a week. We live in a rural area. Have to drive 45 mins for a good place to walk around in. Unbelievable how bad Niantic wants this to fail without realizing.

I could have made this same post myself, except it’s 5 of my kids. And we’re all spending money.

This is enough to make me done with this game. We’re rural players. We aren’t going to drive to memorised spawn points and sit there and wait to see what shows up. That defeats the purpose of finding things on the radar.


Right now, there are no workaround solutions for this limitation. As the change was made on the sever side and any attempt to intervene could result in a ban akin to spoof.