One Austin Player Has Reached Level 38 (No Bot/Spoof & 100% Legit)

Jimmy Derocher, the creator of Jimmy's loop is likely the first Pokemon GO player to achieve an extraordinary feat of reaching level 38.

Very delighting to see it's achieved by an actual player, which up to this point, the only players who can level higher than 37 are cheaters.

​The update was posted in Texas Pokemon GO Facebook group in less than 12 hours ago. His next goal is to reach level 39 in the next 12 days, "39 is three million away, so it should take twelve days, which is a very tight expectation on my stretch goal of 39 before October 1st" Jimmy said.

​The quest began on Sept 5th, where he was level 37 with around 13.2 million XP remaining to level 40. He set the dateline on Oct 23rd to be the first legitimate player to hit level 40. Amazingly, as of yesterday's update he said he intends to be ahead of schedule.

He is not your typical nerd who doesn't work and plays game all day. In fact, he is a tech start up founder who works during the day and spent 5 hours leveling on weekdays after work.

Here are some facts from his threads on TheSilphRoad, through the 12 days period from level 37 to 38:​

  • ​Leveling speed of 50,000 XP / Hour
  • Spent less than $1,000 worth of ingame currency during that period (lure & lucky eggs)
  • He plays around 40 hours a week:
  • sWeekdays: 5 hours per day for 4 days
  • Weekend: 10 hours per day
  • Leveled on Pokestop loop as he called it Jimmy's Loop:

His stats is unbelievable:

  • 20,674 Poke Stops visited !!
  • 19,387 Pokemon caught !!!
    • 9 dragonite,
    • 2 porygon,
    • 4 lapras,
    • 6 aerodactyl,
    • 1900 eevee,
    • 2157 zubat,
    • 3698 pidgey
  • 1247 eggs !!!
  • 828 km tracked (gone up 15% since PGO+ release?) !!!
  • 93.1 km on buddy Lapras !!!
  • 1.2 million stardust !!!

He is truly inspiring I have to say.

If you would like to support his race to level 40 you may do so by donating for covering his expenses over his campaign at

Author's note:

In a reddit thread, one player from Buffalo Newyork reported to be the world's highest level player. He said he will be reaching level 39 in 2 days time. He also mentioned that there are plenty of players in his area around the level 34 - 37 range. 

my name is Jimmie Pitts and i live in Buffalo Newyork, we have 3 level 38's and plenty of players around the level 34-37 area. i am currently level 38 going to be level 39 in 2 days. i am 100% legit, i play around 10 hours a day and 15 hours a day on weekend the pictures show all my trainer card stats, my daily grind spot and some of my pokemon just to give you a general idea what there cp levels look like at this level. i am higher then the player in dallas and im pretty sure the other level 38 players in my city are higher than him as well. - source 

The difference is that he played 10 hours a day on weekdays and 15 hours a day on weekend. Whereas, Jimmy played half of the amount in weekdays and 5 hours lesser on weekend.