PokeBag Full? What Items Should You Throw First…

As you know our Poke Bag is notoriously limited with 350 starting bag space as that is one of the evil plans of Niantic to force us in pulling out our credit card for upgrading Poke Bag.

When your bag is max out, you can’t spin any more Pokestops. No more extra item and no more XP. And your next course of action would either be:

#1 Upgrade your bag space
#2 Get rid off items

Let’s assumed that you picked the second option. Then the next question would be “what item should I throw first?”

Depending on your frequency to gym, here’s the priority’s order you may consider when you are faced with such constraint:

#1 20 HP portion – you may throw every 20 HP portion in your bag as the healing is too low to be of any use.

#2 50 HP Super portion – keep it to bare minimum probably 10 – 15 is good enough, if possible reduce to zero if you don’t intend to fight gym.

#3 200 HP Hyper Portion – same as super portion, unless you are frequent gym player, reduce it to bare minimum. Somewhere between 10 – 15 is good.

#4 Max Potion – Not more than 15

#5 Revive – Not more than 15.

Except Max Potion and Revive, most of the weaker potions have high drop rate. So you don’t have to worry that you are unable to accumulate enough when you begin to start battling gym.

Unless you are hardcore gym players, most of your game time would be on throwing Poke ball for leveling and/or catching rare Pokemon, of which you need to maintain a good amount of Poke Balls and Razz Berries.

What Item You Will Never Want To Get Rid Off

1. Lucky Eggs, Incense & Lure – Obviously.
2. Ultra ball – Needless to say the drop rate is terrible and you need it for catching higher tier Pokemon.
3. Great ball – When your trainer level is above 24. The catch rate for normal Poke ball will reduce significantly. A few miss throws, the Pokemon would flee. Hence, you need to stock up your Great Ball.

Beside throwing Potion and Revive, How About Poke Balls & Razz Berries?

Depending on individual players and level. I would keep Razz Berries not more than 50 as I would easily fill up by walking a few round of loops. As for Poke Balls, some players would throw in exchange for space to stock up Ultra and Great Balls. Because the effectiveness of normal Poke Balls decreases significantly as you reach higher level.

An amount somewhere between 100 to 150 Pokeballs is good enough if your regular hunting ground have plenty Pokestops. And only throw Poke balls if you want to create space for Great and Ultra Balls.


Tell us below what you think about it and how would you manage your bag space when it is full.