Pokémon GO – Adventure in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore!


I received an invitation from Wildlife Reserves Singapore to visit Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park to catch Pokemon and I grabbed this opportunity to visit this tourist attraction!

While in the Jurong Bird Park, there are multiple pokestops that’s pretty closed to each with lot’s of potential.

There are some pros & cons to visiting a tourist attraction such as Jurong Bird Park to catch Pokemon.

1. The tourist spots most likely will put their own lures to their pokestops just to lure trainers hence no need to wait for others or spend your own lures.

2. There are slow moving tram rides to hatch your eggs rather quickly without much walking

3. Lot’s of other things to enjoy other than catching Pokemon.

1. The food & beverages are pretty pricy compared to local coffeeshops.

2. The Jurong Bird Park closes pretty early at 6pm