Pokemon GO at E3 – Silph Road Live Coverage!

UPDATE: The Pokemon GO Q&A with Nintendo and Niantic has now been broadcast! The Silph Road has posted an analysis video on our channel. Check it out!:

In case you hadn’t heard, Pokemon GO is going to make an official appearance at E3 in LA this week! They’ll be doing a “Q&A with the Developers” at 10:00am PST (June 15th). Immediately after – at 11am PST – the Silph Road will be hosting a YouTube LIVE thread here on this channel to discuss what we learn and share Silph’s analysis! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and tune in! You’ll be able to participate with us by chatting in questions or comments!

For those who can’t watch the Q&A session live at 10am, /r/TheSilphRoad will be collaborating with /r/PokemonGO to update a Reddit Live thread. Head to on Wednesday for a link to the live thread!