Pokemon GO Beats Candy Crush By Making $600 Million In 90 Days.

Despite the recent let-down over its security update which shut down all 3rd party Apps including Map Tracker and features lost.


Pokemon GO by far is the most successful mobile game in history, it hit $600 million in revenues in just 90 days according to data market intelligent firm App Annie.

By comparison it took Candy Crush Saga 200 days, Puzzle & Dragons over 400 days and Clash of Clans over 500 days to hit the equivalent revenue figure, respectively.

Not only does the game prove to be doing exceptionally well in generating revenue through players’ ingame purchase, although many players would claim they never spend a single dime.


It also proved to have strong holding power as the total time spent on Pokemon GO was nearly twice as much as the next 19 games combined.

Perhaps, the most impressive feat of all was its ability to convert non-gamers to loyal Pokemon GO players as shows by the research from NewEgg.


According to our data, 24% of Pokémon GO players hadn’t, in the past three months, played any of the other top mobile franchises we researched.

So Pokemon GO players, don’t lose hope as Niantic is making great amount of money which means they have the financial resources to roll out more exciting and compelling content in the time ahead!