Pokémon GO to Bukit Batok Nature Park! Omanyte Heaven?


When you play Pokemon Go for a few weeks, you may end up with a 80% filled Pokédex with some common Pokemon that don’t spawn randomly near you.

Hence introducing Omanyte nest at Bukit Batok Nature Park! This place spawn Omanyte like no tomorrow and with a good walking shoe you can catch them all to evolve to Omastar to complete your Pokédex collection!

Bukit Batok Nature park opens 24/7 however please avoid this location during rainy days for safety reasons and don’t go alone at night due to many dark corners that may be dangerous if alone.

The only down side is lacking of shop or vending machine to sell water but have water cooler!

So prepare your insect repellant, cap, water and have a little back to nature adventure!