If You Are A Big Pokemon Fan, Pokémon Research Exhibition (Singapore) Might Disappoint You

Pokémon Research Exhibition is finally opened to public, if you are a big fan of Pokemon and expect to step into the world and life of Pokemon in this exhibition.

You might be preparing yourself for a big disappointment.

One player, visited the exhibition this morning, shared her experience on Pokemon GO Singapore Facebook group -- the feedback is lack of excitement and mediocre beside managed to get a hug with a cute white lab coat Pikachu.

Pokémon Research Exhibition

RWS Sentosa 22 Oct-2 Jan

​I had a great day because I got to hug a cute Pikachu in a white lab coat. And my visit was free (VIP pass coz of fren's membership).

Honestly I expected much much more coz I am not a Pokémon player until PGO began on 6 Aug. I would love to view the Gen 2-6 Pokémon with more details on their moves, habitats or unique features.

It would be a letdown for many of you who know each Pokémon inside out over the years. There were no posters of each Pokémon so the event has no excitement or mood-enhancing features e.g. Pokémon cartoons or music running in background.

​The computers just churned out mundane description e.g. Pikachu's appearance was described as "Its body is yellow and there are red circles on its cheeks"

Wonder if Japan's exhibition is so mediocre. The RWS event venue was barely decorated. Too plain with no Pokémon mood. See photos of the bare place.​

​So would you pay $35 for one entry? This event is really SEA Aquarium's year-end promotion to boost their membership numbers.

There are a few stations but you can only use 4 to guess the Pokémon in your pokeball.

Best 4 stations to focus are:

Station 3: Most fun is Outline Shooter. U must stamp your feet to raise the bar so that you get an enhanced outline of the Pokémon (top view) - Stamp hard and fast!​

Station 4: Facial Enlarger so u can check color of face and eyes

Station 7: Appearance Analysis where u pick 2 boxes and it gives u written description of features

Station 8: Cry Gauge - I couldn't figure this one

Station 9: Footprint Collection - if u know the foot of your Pokémon

I tried 3 different balls:

Red Ball: Pikachu #25

Great Ball: Flareon #136

Ultra Ball: Houndour #228​



Pokémon Research Exhibition
22 Oct 2016 – 2 Jan 2017

Level up your Pokémon experience at our fun and interactive exhibition, held for the first time outside Japan!

Go on a mission

Calling all aspiring Pokémon Trainers! Get ready to put on your lab coats and discover the amazing types of Pokémon. Become a scientific researcher for a day to investigate the mysterious Pokémon hidden in a Poké Ball. Embark on your mission by choosing the difficulty levels from three Poké Ball – a regular Poké Ball (easy), a Great Ball (medium), or an Ultra Ball (hard). Take on the challenges at various interactive stations to deduce the critter contained within your Poké Balls from intriguing clues.

Come face-to-face with Pokémon

Meet four larger-than-life Pokémon figures at the exhibition, and Pikachu will make appearances to greet fans and help them in their “research”! Don’t miss the epic Pokédex wall featuring more than 700 Pokémon in their colourful glory!

    ​Pikachu Appearance: Daily at 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm

    Venue: Inside Pokemon Research Exhibition & S.E.A. Aquarium - B1 Entrance Atrium (2:30pm session)


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      (4 to 12 years old)
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