84 Pokemon GO Nests In Singapore (+2 Massive Spawn Updates)

11 / Nov: The below information is not valid anymore, please refer to this page for Singapore nest list.

11 / oct: refer to this post for the latest spawn. 

1 Oct: The below should be the most completed Pokemon GO Singapore nest list as of 1 Oct 2016. Thanks to Jowen Limtest1ngreddit and SphexZero for putting the data together so that I'm able to cross-check and put all in this post. As usual, please check with before heading down to avoid potential disappointment :)

And I wish you all the best on your evil endeavour.

1 Oct: 14 Nest added to the list

29 Sept: Added Nidoram(female) - Warren golf country club & nidoram(male) - marina bay golf country club & botanic garden. Thanks to Lim Qin for informing!

And below:

29 Sep: New Pokemon nest added to the list 


27/ Sep

As you know Pokemon GO had a HUGE nest migration last night (26/sep) and everyone is all the rage of getting the new nest locations.

​Not only that. There were also 2 massive spawn updates that will drastically increase your chance of catching higher tier Pokemon and more spawnpoints.

Without further ado, let's start with the new list which I compiled from Redditor eddmooresalt and Jowen (million thanks to them for putting the hard work!) before we touch on the massive updates at second half of the post.

I've cross-matched the list and included some that were not found in either one's list.

Nest Migration Pattern

Singapore Pokemon GO New Nests

Abra nestGardens By The Bay East
Bulbasaur nestPasir Ris Town Park
Bulbasaur nestJurong Shipyard
BulbasurPasir Ris Town Park
Charmander nestAng Mo Kio Town Garden East
Charmander nestChangi Beach Park
Charmander nestEast Coast Park (Zone G)
Clefairy nestBotanic Gardens
Clefairy nestBukit Gombak
Clefairy nestCashew
Clefairy nestDuxton Park
Clefairy nestFarrer Road
Clefairy nestBukit Timah Hill
Clefairy nestJalan Buroh and Jurong Pier Road
Clefairy nestIsland Club Road
Clefairy nestMount Faber Point
Clefairy nest43 Pasir Panjang Road
Cubone nestLabrador Park
Diglett nestFort Canning Park
Diglett nestWoodlands Square
Diglett nestKeppel Shipyard
Doduo nestPasir Ris Park
Drowzee nestMandai Tekong Park (Woodlands)
Drowzee nestTuas South
Drowzee nestNational Service Resort & Country Club
EeveeBukit Timah Hill
Electabuzz nestChangi Business Park
Electabuzz nestMount Faber Park
Electabuzz nestPasir Ris Park West
GeodudeEast Coast Park Zone H
GeodudeNational Service Resort and Country Club
GrowlitheTuas South
Jigglypuff nestYishun Neighborhood Park Yishun Ave 2
Jynx nestAMK Ave 3 Park
Jynx nestBukit Gombak Stadium (TBC)
Jynx nestEsplanade Theatres (TBC)
Jynx nestChangi Coast Road
Jynx nestSiglap Park
Jynx nestToa Payoh Park
Jynx nestPunggol Breeze Park
Kabuto nestEast Coast Park Zone C
Kabuto nestPunggol Waterway
Kabuto nestTanah Merah Country Club
Machop nestTuas South
Magmar nestHougang Stadium
Magmar nestPearl's Hill City Park
Magmar nestYishun Neighbourhood Park (St 72)
MagnemiteKent Ridge Park
MagnemiteTuas South
Mankey nestMarsiling Apartments
Mankey nestSiloso Beach (TBC)
Mankey nestNeo Tiew Crescent
Meowth nestRWS Sentosa
Meowth nestWoodlands Waterfront
Nidoram(female)Warren golf country club
Nidoram(male)marina bay golf country club
Nidoram(male)botanic garden
Omanyte nestJalan Chempaka Kuning Playground
Omanyte nestTanah Merah Playground
Onix nestChoa Chu Kang Mega Park
Onix nestDhoby Ghaut Green
Onix nestKing Albert Park
Onix nestBedok Adventure Park
Onix nestMaplewoods Condo
Pikachu nestSembawang (TBC)
Pikachu nestMarine Parade
Pikachu nestMacritchie Reservoir Park
Pikachu nestYishun ave 1
Ponyta nestChangi Village
Ponyta nestIstana (restricted area)
Rhyhorn nestECP Zone B
Rhyhorn nestBig Splash
Sandshrew nestEast Coast Park Zone F
Sandshrew nestJurong West Park
Sandshrew nestPunggol Park
Scyther nestBukit Batok Nature Park
Seel nestHort Park
Shellder nestSunplaza Park
SlowpokeBishan-AMK Park
Vulpix nestEast Coast Park
Vulpix nestJurong Lake Park
Vulpix nestTanjong Rhu Promenade

As usual, please check with before heading down. 

2 Massive Spawn Updates

1. Higher tier Pokemon now have a chance of spawning in nests

“I have had all the nests in SA/Austin fixed and monitored for the past 4 hours and the scanner is showing Sandslashes at Sandshrew nests, Nidorinos at Nidoran nests, etc.

Previously, it’s my understanding, that this was not possible before.”

“Charizard spawned at Charmander nest. It is crazy Tampa’s biggest pokemon go playing hotspot went from no nest into a Charmander nest.”

“Same here. In the OC, just caught a Charizard at what looks like a new charmander nest. :)”

“You know I’ve seen three Wartortles at a squirtle spawn and didn’t think much of it but I think he’s on to something too.”

“Can confirm. Found an Omastar in the Omanyte nest by my house. P.S: Yes, I’m lucky enough to have an Omanyte nest by my house, less than 30 metres away.”

“Found a Charmeleon at the Charmander spawn point today… Your theory holds some water imo”

And more… Source 


Now you might have a chance to encounter higher tier evolution Pokemon at their nest. This will be huge if you haven't caught any Chardlizard yet as now you might get a chance by heading over to Charmander nest!

Take note that this is reported by players on TheSilphRoad, no validation has conducted yet. 

It seems like Niantic is on to something now, as they appear to be trying to increase rare spawn to grab hold of players as trainers are more rewarded when they feel that their Pokedex is filling with rare Pokemon. At the same time Niantic would balance the game by making the quality of such spawn weaker i.e more tier 3 spawn but with lower IV or weaker moveset.

2. New spawns added and Spawn locations and times 

“I think it is exactly this. My friends are reporting spawns in there homes, and people are finding more spawns in their popular areas around town. I think they added new spawn points due to recient cell data, and increased some existing spawns if they are in high traffic areas. By my work there are now 3 new spawns, now all in range of my desk. Before I had to rely on gps drift to maybe hit one of them, now 2 of the new ones are in range of my desk directly. I have had my phone on at my desk pretty much every day in hope of drift, which may have affected the data usage for my area.”

“I believe they did. I now have a spawn point outside my house that was not there previously, and a matching Ingress xm spawn point that also was not there before.”

“My thoughts exactly. I saw a big increase in spawns at work (a college campus), but haven’t seen any differences at home. Maybe they will change the spawn points throughout the year to reflect seasonal differences in cellphone usage throughout the year. Was your house built in around this the of year you chance?”

And more… source 


“Today I have new consistent spawn points in my home, whereas previously I would have to walk 40-50 meters to reach what’s on my radar.”

“New spawn points were added. A LOT of them. We had one spawn point before, now have 6 spawn points within our reach (w/o walking) in our house!.”

“Yes, with the nest migration reported today a new spawn point is just within range of my home. Before, the closest spawn was a couple streets away.”

And more… source


If your workplace, school or home doesn't have a spawnpoint, then this changes would be HUGE to you. 

According to TheSilphRoad research team the new spawnpoints appears to roll out shortly before the nest migration. So check your workplace, home or school surrounding and let's know where you are seeing any new spawnpoints.

In addition to that, spawn times have also reported to be more randomised.


We will continue to update the list as we got new information and also the evidence we gathered from the 2 massive changes.

Meanwhile, if you haven't caught Pikachu yet quickly head over to one of the nests as you now have a near 100% chance of getting it. 

Good luck!