The Fifth Great Migration: Consolidated Nest In Singapore (20/Oct)

EDIT #1: The information below is no longer valid, please refer to this page for latest nest information.

EDIT: API has cracked, FastPokeMap is able to pull data from Niantic to display Pokemon spawn but due to heavy users and data scrapping from other Tracker Apps, FastPokeMap had been unstable and was disabled a few days ago.

FastPokeMap Down

As informed, players around the globe observed big change in nest locations at this morning -- this is the fifth migration since the game launch. The 4th one occurred at 7/ Oct which was just roughly 15 days ago.

Judging from the previous two migration dates, it seems that Niantic is shortening the migration cycle to once every 2 weeks or less rather than the previous 3 - 4 weeks' cycle.


  • Migration #1 - July 29, 2016
  • Migration #2 - August 22, 2016
  • Migration #3 - September 28, 2016
  • Migration #4 - October 6, 2016
  • Migration #5 - October 20, 2016

At the time of writing, all spawn tracker Apps continue to be non-functioning. Many players find themselves handicapped by the lack of 3rd party spawn tracker, which is understandable given that the one provided in the game is inadequate for any use.

Right now, all hopes are on the developers behind FastPokeMap, whose leading the reverse engineering effort to bring tracker Apps back to life. However, as reported in their latest tweek, there is still no expected date of delivery but this time round they indicated that they will be sharing the code once it's cracked; and once their tracker is up, the rest of the Pokemon GO 3rd party Apps will return as well.

The table shows the latest consolidated Singapore's nest list. We will be keeping the list updated as new report comes in, so do check in once in awhile.

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Nest migration pattern

Abra nestPearl's Hill City Park
Charmander nestFort Canning Park
Charmander nestMcRitchie Reservoir Park
Clefairy nestAlexandra Retail Centre
Clefairy nestFort Canning Park
Drowzee nestBiopolis (One-North in Buona Vista)
Electabuzz nestAng Mo Kio Town Garden West / Town Park West
Growlithe nestTampines Central park
Growlithe nestSembawang MRT
Jynx nestTanjong Rhu open field, opposite Indoor Stadium
Kabuto nestEast Coast Park Zone F (M)
Krabby nestBotanic Garden
Machop nestKallang Riverside Park North
Magmar nestBishan - Ang Mo Kio Park (East)
Magmar nestEast Coast Park Big Splash
Magnemite nestTanjong Rhu open field, opposite Indoor Stadium
Magnemite nestParkway Parade
Oddish nestSentosa USS
Onix nestMarina Blvd Open Field
Onix nestLawn @ Marina Bay
Onix nestJurong Central Park (around McDonalds)
Pikachu nestHar Par Villa
Rhyhorn nestSengkang Riverside Park
Seel nestEast Coast Park Big Splash
Shellder nestJapanese Garden
slowpoke nestKent Ridge park
Tentacool nestBukit Batok Nature Reserve
Vulpix nestPunggol waterway park
Vulpix nestYishun St 72 Nee Soon Central Community Park