The Hunt for Aerodactyl – Pokémon Go Singapore


I am still a few pokemon missing from the max 141 in my Pokemon Go Pokedex, Aerodactyl was one of them.

In this video, I will share the rumoured locations on where to catch this epic pokemon call Aerodactyl.

Armed with charged external battery, electric unicycle (Wind Rider), bluetooth earphone, iPhone 7, and a determined heart…I went out to Hill View Avenue to catch Aerodactyl and mingled with the residents there.

I found one lady (forgotten to ask name) have MANY Aerodactyl and showed me where she caught them!

Sadly I missed one spawn of Aerodactyl that night but fear not, the next day…I went to Mappletree Business City to try my luck again.

Caught one Aerodactyl at

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