The Sixth Great Migration

The Sixth Great Migration: The Consolidated Nests List In Singapore (4/Nov)

Hey lady and gentlemen, it's me again!

Aron Lim is here to announce the SIXTH migration occurred this morning (3/Nov)!

Players around the globe from Reddit to Facebook are ​observing huge nests shift and sharing the latest nest's locations, and well, of course, it is my job to consolidate the information for you!

But before that, two things to note:

#1 "Biodiversity has increased this migration. So hang out for a bit and make sure you’re positive of the nesting species before reporting in!

#2 "Newly common species include Fire/Rock types, Paras, Poliwag, etc where they weren’t previously common."

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  • Migration #1 - July 29, 2016
  • Migration #2 - August 22, 2016
  • Migration #3 - September 28, 2016
  • Migration #4 - October 6, 2016
  • Migration #5 - October 20, 2016
  • ***Migration #6 - November 3, 2016***

Without further ado, here is the nest's list:

Abra nestECP Zone F - (Park at Carpark F2)
Abra nestHort Park
bellsprout nestbotanic gardens
bulbasaur nestJurong Central Park
Charmander nestNepal Hill, One-North Gateway
Eevee nestFort Canning Park
Electabuzz nestBishan-Ang Mo Kio Park West Side
Exeggcute nestWest Coast Park (McDonalds Side)
Exeggcute nestPearl's Hill City Park
Geodude nestChangi Beach - (whole stretch)
growlithe nestbeauty world
Jigglypuff nestAMK Town Garden East
Jynx nestECP Zone D - (near abandoned chalet)
Jynx nestAMK Ave 3 Park
Kabuto nestGardens By The Bay South
Machop nestWoodlands St 13 (Grace Assembly of God)
Machop nestTanah Merah CC Garden course
Magmar nestLawn Marina Bay
Magmar nestWellington Circle (opp Wellington Pri Sch), Sembawang
Mankey nestBukit Batok Nature Reserve
Mankey nestPunggol Waterway Park
Omantye nestNational Service Resort and Country Club
Omanyte nestECP Zone H
Omanyte nestNSRCC
Poliwag nestFort Canning Park
Ponyta nestBig Splash
Ponyta nestPasir Ris Park (Wild Wild Wet side) (spread out wide)
Rhyhorn nestMarina Bay MRT
Rhyhorn nestPasir Ris Park (Central Plaza side) - (small nest)
Rhyhorn nestTamp Central Park
Scyther nestUniversal Studios Singapore (inside) -
shelder nestBedok South Neighbourhood Park - (small nest)
Shellder nestECP Zone G
Squirtle nestEcp zone E ski park ECP Zone E (seafood Centre to Lagoon hawker centre)
Squirtle nestBedok reservoir
Squirtle nestSembawang Park - (small nest)
Squirtle nestEast Coast Park Zone F
Vulpix nestSunplaza Park (small nest)


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Note below or on Facebook if you found any new nest or error and I will change it as quick as Farfetch!